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Magic Wacky is available on Lazada.

You can now find our products on Lazada. Wacky – The Magic Worm is always a great gift for Christmas and you can also find many of our other magic tricks on Lazada. Click here now to visit Magic Wacky on Lazada.

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Wacky The Magic Worm looks almost alive

It is amazing how it is possible to make Wacky move, so it looks almost alive. Have you tried it yet? Using s small magic trick you can make Wacky come alive in your hands. You can even make him crawl around a ballpen if you like.

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Learn to do Magic Tricks for Free

Join the A. B. Magic Club now and learn to do Magic Tricks for Free. Click here to go straight to the website and learn some awesome magic tricks right now. We have created this new Magic Tricks website just for all you who really are interested in learning magic

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