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Magic Tricks set now 50 % discount

Are you ready to learn to do magic tricks? We have gotten a complete magic set for you at 50 % discount so you can start right now. To order click here.

Now only P600 (P1200 value) for Magic Set B that includes:

Wacky the Worm
Svengali Deck of Cards
How Did You Know
Magic Light Balls
2 Color Changing Handkerchiefs
Wild Cards

See video below…

Wacky – The Magic Worm is the most popular item we manufacture. Wacky is sold all over the World. You simply have to have one of these cute little magic worms. With just a little practice you can make Wacky seem alive! You can make Wacky crawl up and down your hands, in and out of glasses and even around a ball pen! It is amazing! It moves by invisible means.

You will also get the Svengali Deck of cards, which is specially made and you can actually do dozens of different tricks with this one deck of cards.
This is the most popular deck of cards we have ever made! The idea is incredible. This deck can simply do MIRACLES! You show a well shuffled deck of cards, and let a spectator freely take a card, for instance the 9 of clubs. Ask him to pick another card; it’s the 9 of clubs again. Never mind how many times he tries NOT to pick the 9 of clubs, he WILL pick it! Place the 9 of clubs on top of the deck, just by knocking at it, it will penetrate the deck and arrive at the bottom of the deck. Or transform the entire deck into the 9 of clubs, seconds later they will all be normal cards again! Looks like an ordinary deck of cards. You can learn how to do many tricks with the deck in 5 minutes. The instructions include 10 different tricks you can do with the deck, and surely you can think of many more.

How did you know? Say, this is good! Place 3 different cards on the table and let a spectator FREELY (no forcing) point at one of them. Instantly you show that you knew he would select that card! How you show it is a secret, but we tell you, this is one of the hottest card tricks we have in stock.

The Magic lightballs. A fantastic trick, which is popular all over the World. You catch what seems to be a small ball of light in midair. You can make this ball of light jump from one hand to the other and can even make the light disappear or multiply if you like! Place a lightball in your hand and it magically disappears. Catch a new one a place it into your pocket or throw it into the air where it disappears. Incredible what electronics can do for magic tricks. You can learn it within minutes and join the thousand of magicians who have already purchased the Magic Lightballs.

Color changing silks. Show a red colored handkerchief and slowly place it into your left hand fist. Pull it out from the other end of your fist and the red handkerchief has now changed color to yellow. Pull it all the way out and show the handkerchief is completely yellow – and of course you can show that your hand is empty. Carry it with you anymore… Show it at the office or a party. Order now click here