May 17

Wacky Worm video compilation

Wacky the magic worm is a lot of fun to play with. How good can you get at it. Watch how Wacky can jump from glass to glass, crawl around ballpens and jump all over in these videos.

Using a small invisible magic trick you can make Wacky come alive too.

You can find Wacky at all National Book Stores, Clipper Gifts and Expression bookshops Nationwide. Get yours today and start having some fun. Remember the more you practice the better you will get. Remember it is a magic tick and Wacky doesn’t move by himself.

Jun 26

Balloon Helicopter

This is one fun and easy to use Balloon Helicopter. Use it outdoors as it can soar as much as 15 meters into the air. Blow up the balloon and attach the propellers, give it a slight push up in the air and watch it fly up and up and up…

It is now available at all National Book Stores and Expression branches.

May 07

Max – The Magic Jelly Fish

He and his friends are a lot of fun to play with.

Simply drop him into a bottle filled with water and you can magically make Max move up and down and even spin around.

A quick squeeze on the bottle and Max will spin around.

Squeeze longer or shorter and Max will move up and down.

Play with several Magical Jelly Fish at once and play with your friends.

Who is better at making Max and his friends move?

May 07

Helicopter Balloons are now available

It’s fun and easy to use… Soars up to 15 meters. Who can make it fly the most?


May 07

Find your local Wacky Worm

These are some of the official Wacky – The Magic Worm websites. Select your country below.

Philippines – Click here
Vietnam – Click here
Cambodia – Click here
Indonesia – Click here
Malaysia – Click here
Singapore – Click here
Denmark – Click here
Hungary – Click here

May 06

Sparky – The Magic Firefly

Watch Sparky the magic firefly magically fly from hand to hand. Catch Sparky the magic firefly in on the air and see how it glows in your hand. You can even catch one in each hand. Is it alive? Is it a real firefly? Using a secret magic trick you can make it look as if you have a Magical Firefly. He can even pass through objects. See more on

Apr 10

Our products now available on

You can now shop for many of our products on They will even give you Free Shipping as long as you meet some conditions. So head over to now and check out our sales.


Nov 21

Magic Wacky is available on Lazada.

You can now find our products on Lazada.
Wacky – The Magic Worm is always a great gift for Christmas and you can also find many of our other magic tricks on Lazada. Click here now to visit Magic Wacky on Lazada.

Oct 14

Happy Halloween from Wacky The Worm

Look out for the Halloween colored Wacky in a shop near. Don’t forget to watch the new video in-stores now.

Sep 14

Playing with 2 Wacky Worms at one time

This is truly great. Our founder Anders Barris is playing with 2 pcs of Wacky Worm at the same time. He also shows some magic tricks, which are available in Book shops Nationwide.

Sep 14

Wacky The Magic Worm looks almost alive

It is amazing how it is possible to make Wacky move, so it looks almost alive. Have you tried it yet?
Using s small magic trick you can make Wacky come alive in your hands. You can even make him crawl around a ballpen if you like.

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